To Share or
Not to Share?

If you are a start-up, small business or freelancer, getting the space you and your team need to get your work done can be out of your budget. Often, finding a space that doesn’t break the bank could come with other sacrifices like an undesirable location.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. When it comes to the way our workforce looks, 40 per cent will be freelancers, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020.

One solution to the problem of budget and space is sharing. By using shared space, advantages like shared office equipment and furnishings can help cut costs. Not to mention, you may finally get to work in the location you want.

Nevertheless, one downfall that may make some people hesitant is the simple fact that it is, well, shared.

Depending on how you work, you could find the extra company distracting and a hindrance to your overall productivity.

But, it isn’t all that bad if you are implementing some of the following tips to get you more focused.

1. Productivity, the music to your ears

When it comes to office work, employees regularly use headphones as a way to block out unwanted or distracting noise in an open space office. It also acts as a great way to keep people from bothering you. If music is still too distracting, trying listening to white noise.

Fun Fact: 80 per cent of employees say that listening to music increases their productivity at work.

2. Avoid visual clutter

Keeping your desk neat is one way to limit distractions in a space that is already open to all kinds of visual stimulation. Take it up a notch by having your desk face a wall or, at least, away from hallways, kitchens, lounges, and so on.

3. FOMO Vacay

Millennials are often considered the “plugged-in generation.” Our fear of missing out (FOMO) is our own worst enemy. Take a break from all the notifications and messages on your phone and browser for a period of time by using autoresponders. The messages and notifications will still be there when you’re done, we promise.

Then, of course, there are the simple benefits of sharing a space that stretch beyond reducing overhead costs – benefits like networking opportunities, access to new partnerships, and an overall educational opportunity.

It is amazing what new knowledge and insights you can gain from meeting new people.

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