Finally, we can say goodbye to Old Man Winter and hello to spring! The best way to jump into the season with all its fresh air and new blooms is by infusing that freshness into your business.

Spring cleaning.

Yes, spring cleaning can mean a mop and bucket, but it can also refer to your website, social media, prospects, or competition. It never hurts to take the time to give your business an audit by looking through what is working and what isn’t.

Update your colour palette.

It’s finally bright and sunny outside! No one wants to see ads or window displays full of dark, drab colours. Add some vibrancy to your campaigns. Throw some pretty pastels into your windows. Take hold of the season by incorporating colours like yellow, pink, green, and blues to inspire not only your customers, but your team!

If you don’t have a storefront, try sprucing up your website and social pages to reflect the upcoming season.

Get outside – it’s where your customers are!

There isn’t anything better than fresh air after a long winter in an office. Make your work week go by that much faster by adding some outdoor festivities to your schedule. Windsor is full of great festivals for local small businesses to be a part of and can become a great addition to your spring marketing plan.

Think about it: farmer markets, trade shows, and outdoor festivals. Even if you don’t make a single sale, you’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to show off your business name and branding to crowds of people who might never hear of you otherwise. Brand recognition is invaluable and proven to be a powerful way to get the word out.

If you are feeling ambitious, why not create your own event? If you are finding that the outdoor festivals and events don’t quite fit your business, try creating your own mark on your town by developing something new!

Partner with another local business.

Good friends are the best friends. Partnering with other local businesses can bring you a variety of benefits – hosting joint events, running promotions, or selling products are just a few ways local partnerships (or friendships) provide a great boost!