Taking Your Small Business to the Warehouse.

When we think warehouses we often think of a large, open cement and brick space full of skids and boxes. However, warehouses can be used for more than storing overstock or your old baseball cards.

One of the most popular uses of warehouses is turning them into apartments or lofts. If you have ever been on Pinterest, you know the kind—awesome open spaces with lots of light and drool-worthy exposed brick. Unable to see the versatility of warehouses? No worries. Here are a few different ways you can use a warehouse for your small (or big) business.

Office Space

One trend that has taken warehouses in the Windsor Essex area by storm are office conversions. Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles. Renovated warehouse spaces take the lead as open concept working allows colleagues to feel like they are part of a team even when they are working independently.

How to use the space:

  • Hang up some large pieces of art. You have the wall space, use it!
  • High ceilings allow for cool light pieces
  • Give your space a relaxed and welcome feel by adding some couches and rugs, as well as different working spaces for your team.
  • Add greenery with plants, gardens, or a courtyard are great ways to add to your décor while giving you and your team an excuse to get some much-needed fresh air.


One thing artists of all kinds need is space! Photographers, cinematographers, painters, you name it, need the extra square footage to set up sets, lighting, cameras, and larger than life cavasses. No one ever said creating was a small job.

Benefits of making a warehouse your studio:

  • It can be a private or shared space! If you are feeling lonely, you can always sublet a portion to your space to another artist. Now, you can collaborate and cut costs.
  • Large wall space allows for large art. Hang your work and create a visual design that also works as your portfolio.
  • High ceilings and open concept design means there is no limit to the size and scale of your projects.


Not all art happens on canvas or camera. If your art happens in the kitchen, warehouses can be turned into the next trendy restaurant in your neighborhood. Why not add a cool twist to the traditional “night out” by treating your guests to an open airy venue?

Whatever your business, warehouses have the square footage to allow you to create the space you need and want.

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