Location, Location

You may have heard this real-estate mantra before, but do you know why “location” is so important? In the home buying world, it’s possible to buy the right home in the wrong location. In the commercial leasing world, the same can be applied for office space.

But what does the “wrong” location look like? It depends on your taste and your employees’, and it affects every party involved.

  1. View from the desk:
    If you’re working out of your office 8 hours a day, you want to make sure you’ve got a good view and not staring up at the fluorescent lighting the entire work day.
  2. Hot Lunch Spots:
    Are there restaurants within walking distance or a short drive?
    This can have a huge impact on the satisfaction of your employees. If your hard-working employee forgets their lunch or gave the last slice of sandwich bread to their kid, you have a hungry (and distracted employee.)
  3. Staff Bonding:
    Whether it be during break, before work, or after, team bonding is essential to the group dynamic. Choosing an office location near fun social spots can be the glue that holds together your entire office.
  4. Safety:
    Are you in a rougher neighbourhood that puts off your team? The safety of yourself and those around you is an important factor to consider when picking your location.
  5. Nature:
    Can your employees get up during their break and take a scenic walk? Or are they stuck looking at the same suburbs? Walking and getting fresh air keeps employees alert throughout the day and can motivate them to do even more work when returning.
  6. Deliveries:
    Are you a business that is in need of larger loading areas for deliveries? Make sure that your warehouse location has adequate space for large delivery trucks. What could be worse than realizing your space is tight upon your first delivery?
  7. Public Transportation:
    Do some of your employees take the bus? Ensure that when looking for a location to lease, that you take into consideration those who walk or bus to work that the nearest route is convenient.

Some spaces may increase in value due to the desirable location, but may be the best option for you and your team. There’s a lot to consider when leasing to keep your employees happy, motivated, and dedicated to your business. Keeping your entire team in mind when making a big office move or decision is the key to finding a near perfect location that suits everyone.

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