How We Work

Choosing &
designing your space

When looking to rent the right space, Lessor understands that square footage is only part of what’s important. That is why we involve our preferred subcontractors to help with your initial vision and needs.

Considering a space that is currently an empty shell,
or a re-design of a space designed to meet a previous tenant’s needs? Lessor helps you envision how your business goals can be realized.

How it all works:

Step 1

Tell us what you want

  • Space requirements
  • Use of space
  • Decorating preferences etc.

*we are happy to also work with your preferred realtor (Lessor Ltd respects & protects all licensed real estate agents)

Step 2

Let our design specialists**
take your needs and draw
up a plan ensuring:

  • They meet code
  • Are laid out efficiently
  • You understand all associated costs
  • You utilize space efficiently and in turn, rent only what you need

Step 3

The deal is done!
You agree to the design,
and sign a lease with
Lessor Limited.

A look inside a Lessor Ltd. lease

Within the lease the Tenant and the Landlord requirements are clearly documented.

Lessor Limited (Your Landlord) is responsible for Landlord Leasehold Improvements such as:

  • Meeting all municipal and provincial codes
  • Standard HVAC, plumbing & electrical
  • Standard flooring and paint
  • Installation of standard lighting and electrical outlets
  • Other details as negotiated by the Landlord/Tenant
  • Project management
  • Finishing of ceiling, walls and floors per Landlord’s standard offering

You* (the Tenant) are responsible for Tenant Leasehold Improvements such as:

  • Any added business-specific municipal and provincial codes and permits (i.e. specific equipment, safety or health requirements).
  • Your personal business equipment and related set up
  • Nonstandard flooring & paint
  • Phone lines and IT
  • Other negotiated details by the Landlord/Tenant
  • Project management

*Lessor Limited and its preferred subcontractors can assist you with the above items if desired

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