Green is the
New Black

Continually motivating your team to perform can be tricky and exhausting. For instance, what moves one staff or independent contractor might fall flat with another. Age, time in life, and personal interests are only part of the puzzle.

One factor that is appreciated by any worker regardless of age, sex or function is an aesthetically pleasing work environment. Although we all have our own personal tastes, not many would say no to a little more nature inside their work space – especially after a long winter or wet spring.

Two ideas worth considering:

  1. Hang artwork that portrays a natural landscape – the bigger the better.
    On a budget? Ikea has an array of fun dreamscapes that can fill a wall on a shoestring. If you have a bit more to spend and want to gain a few Corporate Social Responsibility points, consider renting or purchasing some local art. Being an Ontario-based company, we love John Harrington paintings found at The Westmount Gallery in Toronto.

  2. Plant a (inspiring) seed by rolling out the grass – literally.
    A low maintenance, but big impact change is using AstroTurf to green a corner of your office, which can give your space and staff a new outlook on work life.
    Warning: this idea may lead to meetings being held on the floor and result in creative ideas that just might work!
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