You may have heard this real-estate mantra before, but do you know why “location” is so important? In the home buying world, it’s possible to buy the right home in the wrong location. In the commercial leasing world, the same can be applied for office space.

But what does the “wrong” location look like? It depends on your taste and your employees’, and it affects every party involved.

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Welcome back to Part 4 of our “Lease Space Like an Expert” series. We’re here to take a look at some of the common mistakes people can make when renting a space, and to say that it doesn’t have to be that way. In this series, we take complicated terms and make them relatable to the everyday leaser. Most mistakes come from miscommunications and avoiding the fine print. We’re coming in to save you from that confusion, and to make YOU look like the expert.
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Lessor Limited For Lease

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Lessor Ltd understands the importance of putting the client’s interest first. As a locally owned, family run, business Lessor Ltd strives to ensure that our tenants needs and interests are met for a simple reason; the success of our tenants is shared by all. Continue reading ..

Welcome to part 3 of the Lease Space like an Expert series where we will include explanations of terms from a lease that can easily cause confusion or be misinterpreted – often leading to unforeseen expenses for tenants.

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Windsor-Essex County has the excellent fortune of being home to a wide range of people from varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and customs, all of which benefit the area as a whole. One such area of localized culture is Erie Street: a few short blocks away from the river and well known as Windsor’s “Little Italy”. Erie St. provides an astonishing range of Italian food, culture, and language that culminate into an authentic atmosphere that is hard to beat.

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Need an extremely comfortable chair for work or play?

Now us Windsorites can try out the infamous DXRacer chairs right in our hometown! We are thrilled to welcome our newest tenants, whose beautiful showroom has only added another reason to head out to the Devonshire Mall Area. Continue reading ..

Welcome back! Here is part 2 of our series where we review and clarify terms from a commercial lease that can easily cause confusion or be misinterpreted – often leading to unforeseen expenses for tenants. This month: A Lease Term and a Lease Extension. Continue reading ..

We have a well-loved, older building on the border of Little Italy needing serious TLC.
Instead of going with a simple paint job we’re looking to inspire, and be inspired.

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