Photo courtesy of Tactile Vision Graphics (TVG).  Image: Three business card styles from TVG. All incorporate braille in order to reach the visually impaired.
Photo courtesy of Tactile Vision Graphics (TVG).
Image: Three business card styles from TVG. All incorporate braille in order to reach the visually impaired.

Care about growing your business?
New Windsorites bring a new focus to customer service!



Reaching new clients and expanding your customer base can be an exhausting exercise. From expensive adverts to sending out pamphlets in the mail, it is usually a hit or a miss. Your message (and product or service) may actually hold great interest to a growing number of Canadians who may simply not be biting due to a problem with your marketing materials. Our new tenants, Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet, offer companies a new way to increase their reach, of the visually-impaired that is.

Stats Can estimates that approximately 5% of Canadians are living with a significant vision loss and it is projected every year more than 50,000 Canadians will lose their sight. This figure includes people who have no sight from birth, people who are legally blind, as well as people with less significant vision loss. This translates to a huge market that is unfortunately only growing, as the prevalence of vision loss in Canada is expected to increase nearly 30 per cent in the next decade (as per CNIB).
Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet, directors of Valleys Word Works in Britain and Tactile Vision Graphics in Canada, founded both companies because of a commitment to high-quality access to information for people with vision impairment.

“We believe that accurate, effective means of communication should be available to all. We produce beautiful, usable Braille: easy-to-follow, thoughtfully formatted, with Braille readers in mind; accurate, bespoke multilingual Braille translation; or a combination of the two; and beautiful, high-quality tactile graphics” explains co-director, Rebecca Blaevoet.

TVG is the only Canadian company producing this particular kind of tactile graphics, which are durable, crisp, beautiful representations of print images. “Something as simple as a Braille business card says more clearly than words: Our company cares about serving all facets of society; and has found creative ways of showing it!” says Emmanuel, co-director and graphics designer.

But that is only a small part of what TVG can do to help any size business reach their market. TVG produces beautiful 3D print and braille signage as well as braille transcription of a variety of documents from restaurant menus to legal contracts.

Why relocate to Windsor?

Besides family ties, these business owners like that Windsor is a multicultural and diverse city; and the proximity to the border helps as the majority of their business to date is in the States.

Why Erie Street and why lease with Lessor Limited?

“We’d been looking for commercial space for a year and a half, spoken to several estate agents, commercial landlords and walked up and down many streets in the city without finding the right property. When visiting relatives over Christmas, we spotted a sign. Not expecting anything to come of it, we half-heartedly gave Lessor Limited a call on January 5 and were astounded to hear back almost immediately from Christine Davison and Jeff Battiston”, explains Rebecca.

“Within three weeks we had signed a lease for a property which is proving to be everything we could have asked for with a company whose professionalism is second to none”, adds Emmanuel.


If you’re curious to learn more about TVG and what they can do for your business, check out their website or even better, swing by their new location at 400 Erie Street, Unit 9 and say hello!

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  • Great blog post! Lessor has a really funky site here and by the sounds of it, more really interesting and diverse tenants coming to 400. We’re glad to be part of it.

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