Lessor Limited For Lease

Client Focused

Lessor Ltd understands the importance of putting the client’s interest first. As a locally owned, family run, business Lessor Ltd strives to ensure that our tenants needs and interests are met for a simple reason; the success of our tenants is shared by all.

As we work to ensure that our tenants’ needs are met, their success grows, fostering and creating a stronger, healthier, and more successful business environment between us and our tenant, but also between our tenant and their respective clients.4900 Wyandotte St E Windsor, ON N8Y 1H9

Our Pillette Village property is a perfect example of our client-focused mentality. We know start ups and newer businesses have very different needs than the average established older company. And they are ever-changing. That is why we  earmarked part of this busy centrally-located building for shared office space and or smaller private offices. This allows business owners the right size and support to start and grow when ready.

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370 Erie Street East