We have a well-loved, older building on the border of Little Italy needing serious TLC.
Instead of going with a simple paint job we’re looking to inspire, and be inspired.

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Feb 2017 Lessor Limited

Work & Play!

Choosing a new home for your business is an important decision!  In fact, your wish list of wants and needs is probably getting longer…

  • You need convenience and visibility.
  • You want great lunch options
  • You need space that allows you and your staff to work efficiently.
  • You want to be a part of the design process.

Our properties are located in the most ideal neighbourhoods in Windsor AND we included you in the design process ensuring your space works for your business! Continue reading ..

Happy New Year and welcome back! With 2016 behind us, move forward with a clean slate! And what better way to celebrate National Get Organized Month than by de-cluttering and reconfiguring.  

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It’s the perfect time of year to grow closer and come together as a team! And what better way to do so than to have your company decorate your space together! Research shows that team exercises not only improve communication and motivation among workers, but also helps create a more cohesive and productive work environment. Here at Lessor, our holiday spirit is overflowing thanks to the mastery of the ladies in the main office. It’s for this reason we thought it would be fun to provide some easy office decoration ideas for you and your team! Continue reading ..

Lease Commercial Space Like an Expert!

Periodically we will review common mistakes people make when considering renting commercial space. This will include explaining and clarifying terms from a lease that can easily cause confusion or be misinterpreted  – often leading to unforeseen expenses for tenants. This month: Rent Types – Net vs. Gross. Continue reading ..