It is amazing to note that, globally, small businesses make up an average of 60 to 70 per cent of total employment. Essentially, small businesses are the little engine that could, especially when you consider our predominantly digital economy. Being so immersed in digital definitely creates challenges for any business, but especially small businesses that are forced to adapt quicker than their larger counterparts.

So, how do small businesses in the Windsor community face these changes and challenges?

One such business that brings a fresh approach to the digital world is Pareto Business Solutions located in the Walkerville area. Pareto exists to serve as they introduce their clients to Cloud Services – guiding businesses away from their contemporary on-premise server infrastructure and towards virtualized and cloud-based services.

Seems tricky, doesn’t it? For us less tech-savvy folks, Pareto will happily explain things on a human level, not a tech-master-of-the-internet level. Phew!

As for their new location in the heart of the Walkerville area, it may come across as an odd location for an IT business, but being a small business themselves, the size of the Walkerville community (and the greater Windsor community) provides a unique opportunity to connect and provide quality service while maintaining a human connection.

No need to be stuck on hold for what seems like forever with these guys – walk right in!


Quality Service